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» “We’re becoming brighter with each and every day!”

A new concert to be performed from the 24th of April until the 1st of May!

M01: Romance Kakurenbo – 79th generation
M02: Overture
M03: Mae Shika Mukanee – Yuuko the 9th, Megu, Himeko, Yui
M04: Escape – Jurina the 2nd, Takamina the 5th, Sayaka the 10th, Rinne
M05: Yabanna Softcream – Karen the 4th, Sae, Suzuko, Kumori
M06: Sakura, Minnade Tabeta – Hinata, Acchan 14, Yuko 2, Sonata
M07: Tsuki no Ookisa – Hasumi, Kirino, Chieri, Tomochin
MC: Yuuko 9, Jurina, Karen, Hinata, Hasumi

M08: Nandeyanen, Idol – Karen, Allison, Yui
M09: Ha! – Tomochin the 11th, Yuko the 2nd, Megumi, Hasumi, Seika
M10: Ookami to Pride – Jurina and Suzuko
M11: Ame no Pianist – Chieri and Acchan the 14th
M12: Wink wa Sankai – Shinonome Sonata, Himeko, Rinne, Allison
M13: Kibou no Kairyuu – Tachibana Seika, Hinata, Sae, Yuko 2
MC: Sonata, Himeko, Rinne, Allison

M14: Shower no Ato Dakara – Tomochin, Suzuko, Kumori
M15: JJ ni Karitamano – Takamina, Yui, Sayaka
M16: 10 Krone to Pan – Kirino, Megu, Hasumi
M17: Scandalous ni Ikou - Yuuko 9 and Sonata 
M18: Kimi no Na wa Kibou - Jurina, Seika, Karen
MC: Jurina, Seika, Karen

M19: High School Days – 76th generation
M20: Overtake – 77th generation 
M21: No Can – 78th generation
M22: Kimi dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! – 79th generation
M23: After Rain – Successors
M24: Aozora Café – All Kenkyuusei

EN01: Kimi no Hitomi wa Planetarium – Sono Chieri, Acchan the 14th, Sae the 10th, Yuko the 9th, Takamina the 5th, Tomochin the 11th (these were last year’s election results, excluding members we don’t have)
EN02: Sasameyuki Regret – Kanzaki Suzuko, Shinonome Sonata, Sayaka the 10th, Yuko the 2nd, Wanibuchi Megumi (And last year’s Undergirls)
ANNOUNCEMENT: (Will be placed up on the last day of the event
EN03: Heart Ereki - ALL

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» *Drum Roll Please!* AKB0048 Talent Show!

All members of AKB0048 are encouraged to audition for AKB0048’s Talent Show! The auditions will be broadcast as part of our variety programs, so be sure to prepare thoroughly! The entire galaxy will be watching!

Auditions may be submitted from the 14th of April until the 19th of April (at midnight). The auditions will then be aired and the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite talent - the top three places will receive a prize, and there will be a special prize for one lucky voter! Members are allowed to vote, but do try to be fair!

Please vote by sending in your top two favorite talents to the ask box. If anon goes out of hand, all anon votes will be discounted, so please be sensible. Auditions will be published on the 20th and voting will take place from the 20th/21st to the 24th, with results published shortly afterwards.

To send in an application, you need at least two paragraphs of your character ‘performing’ their talent. You may accompany two images and two links. Please send via submit. You don’t need to submit a talent, but its a bit of fun (-that your character can use as promotion for an upcoming annual event! which isn’t really a secret)! Feel free to make up a talent! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with singing or performing, and can be something like how Sonata imitated Makoto snoring. 

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          →AKB0048 Waiting Stage is a tumblr role play group set after Earth has become uninhabitable. Humans have colonized space, but many planets are under the entertainment ban - one group, AKB0048, fights for the people to be able to live freely and enjoy entertainment.

This role play group has many events, standard rules, a 4 muse limit and the ability to either play as a canon character or create your own original character!

         Currently looking for characters from AKB0048 Episode 0!

         About the Stage | Rules | Masterlist | How to Apply
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» Dear Yuka-mun, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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I’m going to laugh at this all day.

AKB0048 ep7: “Kirara of Succession”

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Don’t forget to wish Ichijou Yuka a very happy birthday today!

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