» Audio Drama First Part “The secret of MK3” - オーディオドラマ前編「3型目の謎」



Here’s the translation for the Audio Drama First Part “The secret of MK3” - オーディオドラマ前編「3型目の謎」 included in NO NAME’s 2nd single Kono namida wo kimi ni sasagu (Type C).

Since it’s only an audio drama, so I make a video with some of AKB0048’s images in it, and put a subtitle so that it’ll be easier for everyone to follow the drama.

I’m just an intermediate Japanese learner, so I may make a little bit or even a lot of mistakes while listening, so if you find any, or have problems with my grammar, sorry m(_ _)m

Well then, enjoy listening :)

ps: There are 2 audio dramas in NO NAME 2nd single, one from type C (This one), one from type D which I will be translating later. Both of them are Mayuki (MK3 and Yukirin the 6th).
Also, I want to thank my friend so much (though he doesn’t have an account here) for helping me when I have problems hearing this audio. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Watch online | Watch online 2
Download links: Download 1 | Download 2 | Download 3
Subtitle only download: Download | Download
Video only download: DownloadDownload

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Makoto Yokomizo by ~goldimari
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Presenting Yuuko the 9th, also known as Hikari Kimishima!

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» Tachibana Seika - Succession Concert!


*This concert will be held on the 29th of July!*

  1. Overture
  2. Hatsukoi Butterfly – 76th generation + Hinata (led by Megumi)
  3. Naminori Kakigoori – No Name (led by Kanata)
  4. Wimbledon e Tsuretette – Background Successors (led by Lovetan)
  5. Shoujoutachiyo – Main Successors (-No Name members) (led by Takamina)
  6. Tonari no Banana – Karen and Rinne
  7. MC 1: Karen and Rinne
  8. Skirt, Hirari – Kanata, Chieri, Hinata, Himeko (led by Himeko)
  9. Nando mo nerae! –Hasumi, Sonata, Suzuko, Rinne, Megumi (led by Hasumi)
  10. Show Fight! – Sae, Takamina, Tomochin, Acchan, Karen, Yui, Yukosu (led by Yukosu)
  11. MC 2: Tachibana Seika Succession Announcement
  12. Hajimete no Hoshi – Seika solo
  13. Oboete Kudasai – Seika + Kenkyuusei
  14. Kimi wa Doushite – Seika + Successors
  15. Te wo tsunaginagara – 78th generation
  16. Encore (KKS/78th gen VTR, Seika focus)
  17. Kagami no naka no Joan of Arc – Seika, Rinne, Suzuko, Chieri, Karen, Megumi
  18. KONJO – All
  19. Melon Juice – All
  20. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Yaken - All
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Motomiya Nagisa photos from Kawaii Kon 2014

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» Reserved

Yuko the 9th has been reserved.

Waiting for application; due August 3rd.

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It’s Noa’s birthday today! Make sure she has a great day!

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Translation, plox? :3


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例のパーカー by 盆々

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彼方生誕祭 by べんちゃん

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» THE ULTIMATE LIST OF ROLEPLAY DEFINITIONS [ aka; all you need to know to get by ]


  • rp - short for roleplay
  • rpg- short for roleplay game or roleplay group
  • muse - inspiration that drives the mun to write usually a character or plot.
  • mun - the person typing the story. i.e. the roleplayer
  • admin/mod - administrator/moderator; head[s] of roleplay / people[s] in charge.
  • co-admin - help out the main heads of roleplay; consists of promoting and moderating or looking after the group.
  • face claim - Usually a celebrity who is portrayed in the media. Appearing as the muse.
  • indie rp- short for independent roleplay. Not connected to a group.
  • 1x1 - non group rp, between two people.
  • OC - Original Character; Completely made up by mun. 
  • Hiatus - when a roleplayer takes a break for a period of time.
  • IC - In Character, meaning this person is now acting as their character.
  • OOC - This person is now Out Of Character and responding as the mun.
  • OTP - One True Pair; Usually of the romantic kind of relationship. Also Brotp; brother true pair; characters who are best friends and act like family but are not related.
  • Ship - short for Relationship
  • M!A - Magical!Anon; an anonymous message making the mun change their character, whether he/she should accept the challenge.
  • AU - Alternate Universe; when the story takes place in the same universe but the plot is slightly different or extremely different than the canon.
  • Canon - Preexisting published work in the real world and is officially copyrighted in any form of media that is recognized by the general public.
  • Head Canon - Mun believes this plot or story to be true regardless of what the actual canon is. Sometimes described as a “personal canon”.
  • Verse - short for Universe; where the plot takes place. i.e. one character can have many different plots each plot can be happening at the same time in a different location. Each of those plots would be different verses.
  • Open Post - A starter plot that is open to the general rpg.
  • Starter - The beginning of the thread. The very first post of the plot.
  • Thread - The collection of posts collected over time between two or more roleplayers.
  • Replies - A plot between two roleplayers; to be able to continue the thread the muns take turns typing parts of the story.   
  • Drabble - no set post length; contains character development. Usually a self - para. No replies necessary.
  • One Line - Contains one sentence of post length.
  • Gif Chat - Contains one line of conversation and a gif.
  • Para - Paragraphing; At least five to six sentences of post length.
  • Semi - Para - At least three sentences of post length.
  • Multi - Para - At least three full paragraphs long.
  • Self - Para - More than one full paragraph of post length. No replies necessary.
  • Novella - A short story consisting of more than one paragraph. Depending on the person / group it could mean at least five - seven paragraphs.
  • God Modding - An all powerful player; to control someone else’s character, an illegal move with out consent of character’s mun. 
  • Power Play - See God Modding.
  • Mary Sue/ Gary Stu - A term describing a perfect character who never makes any mistakes. Is also capable of upstaging other characters no matter what.
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