What is your destiny, young hopeful?

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「おまかせまゆゆ〜★」 by 
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I’m going to be cosplaying her soon! I’m so excited

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by : 大谷みこと

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» Re-Blog Karma!


I am going to explain what exactly "re-blog karma" is, because really it should be a written rule in the RP community. Secondly, I want to make things much clearer and more organized than the other re-blog karma post made them.

First of all, without sounding terribly mean: people are not obligated to send you asks when you’ve sent none yourself. 

It’s also very disheartening to watch other RP blogs get a TON of asks, and your own get none because people are just re-blogging the meme from you, and only that.

When someone re-blogs an ask meme, they want people to send them questions! It’s not a signal boost, and they’re not re-blogging it just for the hell of it. They want questions!

Re-blog karma is simply sending someone an ask relating to the ask-meme you’ve re-blogged from them. It’s simple to do, especially now that you can send someone an ask right from your dashboard! 

Well I don’t talk to them/I’ve never talked to them!

  • So what?! Send them an ask anyway. It’s a great way to get to know someone you follow! It is highly unlikely that the won’t appreciate your question!
Anonymous isn’t on! I don’t want them to see my URL!
  • Same as the above. Don’t worry about it! And chances are, they’ll send an ask back to you if your not on anon!

I, personally, have four RP blogs, and I really do appreciate all asks that are sent to my inbox. If you send me an ask on any of my blogs, I’ll send you some back! It may not be from the blog you sent the question to, but you WILL get one or two from me.


It’s just common courtesy to send an ask to someone who’s re-blogged an ask meme before (or even right after) you re-blog it yourself. As said before, they’ll probably send you something back! The more you send to people, the more you’ll get!

As said in the other post: you are limited to (10) asks per hour. So send away!

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» { ~ Oshima Yuko the Ninth #1 || 262 Icons ~ }


Batch from AKB0048 Season 1.

♫♪~ Our flying sweat becomes a song. The tears we shed become stars. ~♪♫



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» Does your character have a catch phrase?
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Kanata-mun will be on hiatus until August 24. Stay well!

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» Activity Check

July’s activity check is now complete. Sorry for the delay! Inactivity has decreased from the past month; thank you for everyone who has stayed active!

Tanemura Hinata have been removed due to inactivity.

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