» THE ULTIMATE LIST OF ROLEPLAY DEFINITIONS [ aka; all you need to know to get by ]


  • rp - short for roleplay
  • rpg- short for roleplay game or roleplay group
  • muse - inspiration that drives the mun to write usually a character or plot.
  • mun - the person typing the story. i.e. the roleplayer
  • admin/mod - administrator/moderator; head[s] of roleplay / people[s] in charge.
  • co-admin - help out the main heads of roleplay; consists of promoting and moderating or looking after the group.
  • face claim - Usually a celebrity who is portrayed in the media. Appearing as the muse.
  • indie rp- short for independent roleplay. Not connected to a group.
  • 1x1 - non group rp, between two people.
  • OC - Original Character; Completely made up by mun. 
  • Hiatus - when a roleplayer takes a break for a period of time.
  • IC - In Character, meaning this person is now acting as their character.
  • OOC - This person is now Out Of Character and responding as the mun.
  • OTP - One True Pair; Usually of the romantic kind of relationship. Also Brotp; brother true pair; characters who are best friends and act like family but are not related.
  • Ship - short for Relationship
  • M!A - Magical!Anon; an anonymous message making the mun change their character, whether he/she should accept the challenge.
  • AU - Alternate Universe; when the story takes place in the same universe but the plot is slightly different or extremely different than the canon.
  • Canon - Preexisting published work in the real world and is officially copyrighted in any form of media that is recognized by the general public.
  • Head Canon - Mun believes this plot or story to be true regardless of what the actual canon is. Sometimes described as a “personal canon”.
  • Verse - short for Universe; where the plot takes place. i.e. one character can have many different plots each plot can be happening at the same time in a different location. Each of those plots would be different verses.
  • Open Post - A starter plot that is open to the general rpg.
  • Starter - The beginning of the thread. The very first post of the plot.
  • Thread - The collection of posts collected over time between two or more roleplayers.
  • Replies - A plot between two roleplayers; to be able to continue the thread the muns take turns typing parts of the story.   
  • Drabble - no set post length; contains character development. Usually a self - para. No replies necessary.
  • One Line - Contains one sentence of post length.
  • Gif Chat - Contains one line of conversation and a gif.
  • Para - Paragraphing; At least five to six sentences of post length.
  • Semi - Para - At least three sentences of post length.
  • Multi - Para - At least three full paragraphs long.
  • Self - Para - More than one full paragraph of post length. No replies necessary.
  • Novella - A short story consisting of more than one paragraph. Depending on the person / group it could mean at least five - seven paragraphs.
  • God Modding - An all powerful player; to control someone else’s character, an illegal move with out consent of character’s mun. 
  • Power Play - See God Modding.
  • Mary Sue/ Gary Stu - A term describing a perfect character who never makes any mistakes. Is also capable of upstaging other characters no matter what.
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is this rp still active?

Yes, this role play group is still active.

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Yuihan the 7.5, Yuuko the 9th, and Jurina the 2nd have decided to leave us. We wish the muns the best!

Yuihan and Yuuko are now available to be applied for again. Some other characters that are available are Mayuyu, Yukirin, Orine, and Yuuko!

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落書き詰め by すもも

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襲名14代目 by 黒珀

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back covers for volumes 2-6 of AKB0048 Episode 0. please do not repost.
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【AKB0048】ミニスカートの妖精 by ヤミー

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☆★☆ by 710円

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例のパーカー by 盆々

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AKB0048 私はぜひ顽张ります by peko

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