This is one of the things I’ve been doing while I was off, please enjoy !! We had a lot of fun and try to recreate the series atmosphere more than trying to make a flawless choreography :p

It was a great day with a crowd of awesome & talented people <3

Blue girls!

 Pink girls!

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Kanzaki Suzuko from AKB0048 !

(and special appearance Totooria Helmold from Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.)




Photos by: Sami Räbinä

All the extra work: Rullarinkeli (

Special thanks Malicionna ( for being so special!

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The activity check for August has been completed. The amount of people who weren’t fully active has decreased again, so thank you for your hard work! Keep it up guys!

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If you love someone, then tell ‘em that
Let’s be candid and honest
If you love someone, then tell ‘em that
Let’s lay bare what’s in your heart

~Aitakatta by AKB48


Series - AKB0048

Suzuko Kanzaki - mimikobakercosplay

Sonata Shinonome - starberrysh0rtcake

Kanata Shinonome - kawaiicadet

Makoto Yokomizo - dreamofmelody


Photographer - Yenra Photography

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The rainbow train is going to depart
on schedule for our dreams
I want to set off with you
So throw away everything and come with me!

~Niji no Ressha by NO NAME / AKB48


Series - AKB0048

Suzuko Kanzaki - mimikobakercosplay

Sonata Shinonome - starberrysh0rtcake

Kanata Shinonome - kawaiicadet

Makoto Yokomizo - dreamofmelody


Photographer - Yenra Photography

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"Our sweat carries our dreams, which lie budding in wait,
until the day our wishes blossom." | AKB004
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"Relax, relax!" | AKB0048
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The Kirara Cavern | AKB0048
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Name (Nickname): Kishida Mimori (Mimorin)
Age: 20
Home Planet: Maiamistar

Status: Successor
Successor Name (Nickname): Shinoda Mariko the 8th (Mariko-sama)
Generation: 75th
Strength: Variety
Weakness: Hand to hand combat

Catch Phrase: “Am I giving off pheromones?”
Oshimen: Daredemo suki

Personality: Reliable, kind and sweet. She clings to opportunities and often is naïve or forgetful about how attractive she is.

Background: Mimori was given her name by her late grandfather, who she loved dearly. She has kept close ties with her family and was raised in a supportive and loving environment. She had many more opportunities back home than she had in 00, so she tries to latch onto all opportunities available.

Special Skill/Fun Fact/Secret: Is a skilled cake maker.

*Some information is free to be changed, so don’t be shy about discussing things with the admins!*

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mimori and her new hairdo (▰˘◡˘▰)
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What is your destiny, young hopeful?

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